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Mantra Audio

Replacement Diamond Styli

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We can supply over 500 turntable stylus (needle) types including original Audio Technica, Goldring, Grado and Shure Hi-Fi stylus replacements.  The table below shows our 12 most popular types of Swiss manufactured quality diamond styli and (E)lliptical upgrade styli available to suit many applications.  We can also supply a 78 rpm insert for the Shure M75 Series cartridge at 17, also various BSR, Garrard etc. at 6 to 10 each.  See our Diamond Stylus Selector Page for a more comprehensive list of styli available.  Order direct from the stylus section of our secure OnLine Catalog.
ADC RLM, QLM, XLM Mk III elliptical diamond stylus

Ortofon D15/20Super E, VMS10/20EMkII (white), FF15EMkII (red) elliptical diamond stylus 17

Aiwa AN11, JVC DT65, Philips GP780, Pioneer PN210/240, Sony ND155G,Sony ND142G (Yellow)

National Panasonic Technics EPS24CS, EPS25CS,
EPS23CS (tran blue)

Audio Technica ATN3651E
(upgrade elliptical diamond stylus for above)

National Panasonic Technics
upgrade elliptical diamond stylus for above)

Akai RS33/35, JVC DT45 (blue),
Pioneer PN295T (ivory)

Kenwood N69, Sanyo ST09, Sony CN234, Bush MTT1/MTT2 13

Dual DN163, DN165E, DN166, Ortofon OM/OMB5 (as fitted to Pro-Ject Debut III), 10 & 20 elliptical diamond stylus

Shure N75ED T2, N75EJ T2 elliptical diamond stylus.  Upgrade for N75-6, N75B 17

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Dual DN140, DN140E, DN145E,
DN149S (upgrade), DN150E, DN152E, DN155E and DN160 elliptical stylus

Shure N95ED & N95EJ elliptical diamond stylus 17