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Cartridges - DJ & Professional

Headshells complete with Cartridge

Replacement Styli (Needles)

Tonar Banana Professional Disco CartridgeTonar
Banana Disco Cartridge - SME type arm, Birdie DJ Cartridge - standard headshell arm
Altai HL-HM160 Universal Headshell CartridgeUniversal headshell  black or silver. Cartridge has spherical diamond stylus tip. Audi Technica ATN3600L stylus multifit for Aiwa AN11, Denon USB, JVC DT65, Philips GP780, Pioneer PN210, Sharp STY141, Sony ND155G Sanyo ST09 Generic Stylus: Replacement for Akai BT100, Ariston 1200, Bush MTT1,Chuo Denki CN112, CN225, Crosley NP4, Ferguson FTurn01, Gemini CN1000, Goodmans GSP400, Ion IT05, Kenwood N69, Lenco L3807, Marantz CTS493, Ministry of Sound CT01, Numark Groovetool, Philips F1395, Sharp STY158, Sherwood PM9800, Sony CN234, Soundlab DLP1600 (some), Steepletone SSTY3, Teac TN100, Vestax VR3SS Concorde 10/20 Stylus multifit for Ortofon LM 5/10, OM 5E/10/12, OMB 5E/10/20, OMP 5/10/20
Cartridges - HiFi & Phono Phono Stages Download  PDF Shop Flier
Goldring 2500 Moving Magnet CartridgeGoldring
2000 Series Moving Iron, 1000 Series, Elan, Elektra Moving Magnet, Eroica & Elite Moving Coil Cartridges - Good MC Cartridge Exchange Prices!
V90LPS Phono Stage Back ViewARTcessories
Phono Plus V2 Analogue to Digital Line Level Input Pre-Amp

Mantra Audio stock over 500 quality replacement diamond styli including original equipment manufactured products where available - click links below
Acos Stylus
ADC Stylus
Aiwa Stylus
Akai Stylus
Alba Stylus
Audio Technica Stylus
Binatone Stylus
Bang & Olufsen Stylus
BSR Stylus
Bush Player Stylus
Chuo Denki Stylus
Crown Stylus
Denon Stylus
Dual Stylus
Elac Stylus
Elite Stylus
Empire Stylus
Excel Stylus
Fisher Stylus
Garrard Stylus
Goldring Stylus
Goodmans Stylus
Grado Stylus SALE
Hitachi Stylus
Ion Stylus
Jelco Stylus
JVC Stylus
Kenwood Stylus
Lenco Stylus
Marantz Stylus
Matsui Stylus
National Stylus
Numark Stylus
Ortofon Stylus
Philips Stylus
Pickering Stylus
Pioneer Stylus
Ronette Stylus
Sanyo Stylus
Sansui Stylus
Sharp Stylus
Sherwood Stylus
Shure Stylus
Sonotone Stylus
Sony Stylus
Soundlab Stylus
Stanton Stylus
Technics Stylus
Tenorel Stylus
Tetrad Stylus
Toshiba Stylus
Trio Stylus
Victor Nivico Stylus
Yamaha Stylus

If not listed please check online catalogue stylus pages and/or search by record player make/model

Audio Technica VM510CB Dual Moving Magnet CartridgeAudio Technica
NEW VM Series,  AT91,AT95E, , AT3482P/311EP (T4P) Magnetic Cartridges, AT-F2, AT-F7, AT-OC/III MC Cartridges
Audio Technica ATR Series MicrophonesAudio Technica
ATR20 Vocal / Instrument Microphone
 Last One!

BSR SX6M Crystal CartridgeBSR
SC5H, SC5M, SC11M, SC12M Ceramic Cartridges, SX6M Stereo Crystal Cartridges


Turntable Drive BeltTurntable Drive Belts
Range for most popular turntables including some original types

Grado Prestige Gold Moving Iron CartridgeGrado
Prestige Black, Green, Blue, Red, Silver and Gold Cartridge SALE

Record/CD Cleaners - Milty Pro Super Exstatic Cleaning BrushRecord Care
Cleaners, fibre brush, pads, cloths, sprays, stylus brush

Ronette DC284 Crystal Mono CartridgeRonette
DC284 crystal Mono and ST105 ceramic Stereo turnover cartridges

Shure SFG2 Stylus Force GaugeShure
SFG-2 Stylus Force Gauge

Sanyo MG05 CartridgeSanyo
MG05 Ceramic Cartridge c/w diamond stylus replacement for retro record player ruby/sapphire stylus ceramic cartridge, MG09 Magnetic Cartridge
Headphone Selection
The brilliant Grado SR-325i What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision Jul 2006 Award Winner HeadphonesGrado
Prestige Headphones
New e Range SR60e, SR80e, SR125e, SR225e, SR325e, iGrado, Reference RS1e, RS2e & GS1000e

Shure M78S Magnetic Cartridge for 78 RPM PlaybackShure
M78-S (78 rpm), M92E (P Mount T4P), M44-7, M97xE MM Cartridges

PSB M4U-2 Active Noise Cancelling HeadphonesPSB
M4U-2 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

What HiFi Sound and Vision
5 Star Rated Review

Improved EVO III Sumiko Blue Point Special High Output Moving Coil Cartridge exchange price £200Sumiko
Blue Point No. 2, EVO
III Blue Point Special & Blackbird High Output MC Cartridges

Speaker Switching
Full range of QED Speaker, Tape and Input Expander Switches also the DS1 Discsaver Pre-Amp for converting MM Phono Output to Standard Amplifier Aux Line Level InputQED
SS20, SS21, SS22, SS30, SS40 & SS50 Speaker
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